COMFORT when you need it MOST!

Owen chilling at the Ann Arbor Art Festival.

Our goal is to sell a useful product, while capitalizing on the skills of people with disabilities.

The manufacture of Chill Factory products is accomplished by people of all abilities.

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"We were in the Danakil Desert of Ethiopia where it was 115 degrees in the shade. There was no escape from the heat except for the Cooleroo. It was a lifesaver! I also wrapped it around a bottle for a cool drink."
- Candi Elliott

"This is the greatest invention since canned beer!"
- Manufacturer in Longmont, Colorado

"Dude! This thing ROCKS!"
- Chef in Fort Collins
“We love this product! Heat sensitivity can be a serious obstacle to daily life and the Cooleroo is a help in maintaining normal activities. We get great feedback!”
- Karen Wenzel
- Rocky Mountain MS Center
"I can't believe how well this works!"
- Kayaker from Minnesota


I am the owner of one Cooleroo already.  I am preparing to do the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk for the Susan G. Komen Foundation in July in the great state of Michigan. I am checking to see if you have a pink Cooleroo. Thank you for making such a terrific product. It got me through the hot days of school in September.

Janet Verity

"My co-worker has MS and she
depends on this thing everyday!"
- Teacher In Denver

"You aren't charging enough!
I would pay $20 for this."
- Shopper at the Farmers' Market
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