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you're too hot for comfort
needs no refrigeration
ALL DAY . . .
relief from the heat

In other words, it's magic!

Why it's the best?
In a word, design. The Cooleroo is cool from one end to the other, providing 30+ inches of relief from the heat. While other products may look longer, the cooling effect is limited to a small area at the back of the neck only. The Cooleroo covers way more territory and the difference is dramatic.

How does it work?
Non-toxic plastic granules inside the Cooleroo become a gel when soaked in water. Evaporative cooling refreshes without making your clothes wet.

How to activate?
In cool water, the first soak takes 30 minutes. Refilling to use again takes only 5 minutes.
Squeeze gently to distribute gel evenly.
Blot off excess water.
Be cool and more comfortable.

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